The Outspan Hospital Cancer Unit Offers Top-notch Treatments

cancer patient being attendant at outspan hospital

Outspan Teaching and Referral Hospital has stood out from the crowd FOR offering world class services to all cancer patients. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has accredited the Outspan Hospital as a cancer center that has acquired scientific leadership in laboratory and clinical research, in addition to serving their communities and the broader public by integrating training and education for biomedical researchers and health care professionals in cancer matters. With a Head of State Commendation on her name since 2007, Saraphina Gichohi has managed to successfully steer the Cancer Unit the hospital. As a trainer in various institutions inclusive of the sister institution the Outspan Medical College, Ms. Saraphina developed a passion towards oncology and palliative care. At our hospital, oncologists use information from test results through a physical exam and several tests carried out to determine how far the cancer has spread. This tests may include blood samples, lab tests and imaging scans. “With the installation of the most powerful Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) center in our hospital, it is now easier to make detailed images of the affected area with the powerful magnets and radio waves by our machines. Other X-ray services include the Computerized tomography (CT) scan and the Ultrasound,” said Ms. Saraphina. Another test that is very familiar to the public is biopsy for histology by a pathologist in the hospital to determine whether it is malignant or benign. Cancer treatment solely depends on the stage of the disease the patient is in. This treatments include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy. “At Outspan Hospital, we offer surgical treatments, both palliative and curative treatment, chemotherapy and hormonal therapy with the patient’s consent but we also offer our own advice for the wellness of our client,” Ms. Saraphina added. With a very compassionate team of specialists in the cancer unit, the patients are able to feel at home as they receive wholistic care in the hospital. “Every Wednesday, we have clinics for the new and old patients which helps us as their medics to check on their progress as we admit new patients into our facility,” said Ms. Saraphina. With the accreditation of the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), the patients are well covered for any treatment. The Outspan Hospital has been taking the initiative to educate the community through outreach programs that take place once in a month. “Thanks to the outreach programs, we have seen a large turnout of people coming for screening services to know their health status before it is too late,” said Ms Saraphina.

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