Outspan Teaching and Referral Hospital intensive care unit provide comprehensive critical care to patients who require intensive care treatment and advanced monitoring. We provide highly effective and reliable response to emergencies. We have a bed capacity of 6 full-service intensive care beds and 3 full-service High Dependency beds backed up by state-of-the-art monitoring and medical ICU equipment. Our multidisciplinary team of experienced critical care Doctors, Anesthesiologist, critical care nurses, physicians and specialists apply the latest techniques to provide timely and efficient treatment and monitoring of patients.

Our critical care team is qualified and experienced in providing care for health conditions that include;

  • Major trauma
  • Respiratory failures
  • Post-operation care
  • Cardiac related issues

We provide 24-hour service to ICU patients to ensure continuity of care and management of emergencies.

The ICU services are carried out in an environment that promotes patient privacy, recovery and wellbeing.