Outspan teaching and referral Hospital Renal department provides comprehensive assessment, management and treatment of conditions and diseases of the kidney.

We provide both daycare and inpatient services that include;

  • Hemodialysis and Dialysis catheter insertion
  • Nutritional Counselling
  • Psychological Counselling

Using state-of-the-art Hemodialysis machines and water treatment plants we ensure quality care and treatment of patients. Our complementary equipment aids in the comfort and well-being of the patient. Doctors and Renal nurses are available within the unit to monitor kidney functions and manage treatment-associated issues. We provide education on lifestyle modification techniques through specialists; a psychologist who provides mental health support to patients and a Nutritionist who gives nutritional advice on a proper diet to help preserve and improve renal functions.

You can access our services from Monday to Saturday 8 am-5 pm. In the case of emergencies, we have doctors and nurses available 24hrs.

Finally, the renal services are NHIF accredited. You can now access the following using your NHIF card:

  • 8 dialysis sessions in 4 weeks
  • Free month nephrologist consultation
  • Free medication (Erythropoietin and Iron)
  • Free monthly nutritional consultation
  • Free monthly lab test (UEC and CBC)
  • Free health talks on Kidney failure management
  • Dedicated, comprehensive and personalized services with a doctor available whenever needed.
Renal Services at Outspan Hospital